Chandtisse M., Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Selassie is the most amazing Doctor I have ever had. In my opinion she is perfect. She is the epitome of a true Doctor. She listens with an open ear and pays attention to detail. She takes detailed notes during each visit and follows up on everything next time around. If you go to her with one issue, she heals not just that but all underlying factors even issues that you didn't know existed. She's so intelligent. She is loving, encouraging, and easy to talk to. As someone else mentioned below, she has helped me restore not only physical health but mental clarity and a sense of purpose and motivation to stay on the right path. I love her and am so happy to have been shifted her way. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Dr. Patricia Pimentel Selassie it will change your life for the better :)

Tammy S., Brooklyn, NY

I consulted with Dr. Selassie about many medical issues particularly my anemia and uterine fibroids.  She is not only well informed on my condition but she was able to provide me further information and holistic alternatives and products with which to address my condition.  My energy level has increased; my fatigue decreased.  I count Dr. Selassie as a practitioner that I can trust.  Thank you, Dr. Selassie.

Charles S., Brooklyn, NY

I had a heart attack and was in desperate need of care.  The hospital only wanted to manage my pain and sickness.  They weren’t interested in health.  I searched and found a radio station that spoke about healthy supplements.  This was how I met Dr. Patricia Selassie, who changed my life, who has given me a new health.  I was skeptical about all doctors, but after talking to Dr. Selassie, I believed she understood what I was looking for in health care.  When I first came to her, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk far, I was in pain in all of my joints, my sugar was off the charts, and my blood pressure was way too high.  Within days of following her recommendations, I began breathing better, my blood pressure came down.  The longer I stuck with her program, the better I felt every day.  I am a great example of Dr. Selassie’s health plan.