Smoothies: The Modern Fast Food

How to build a smoothie:

Start with part one in the bottom of the blender and add ingredients from each level.  Then blend!

Part five: fruit:  berries -- any, dark colored, banana for sweetener -- use sparingly, you don't want too much sugar

Part four: vegetables -- use light weight greens like spinach or baby kale

Part three: seeds:  chia, flax, hemp, or any fiber powder

Part two: powders: Plant-Based Protein, Whey Protein, Greens powder, superfoods powders

Part one: liquid:  water, almond milk, soy milk -- use organic and non-GMO only, and grass-fed raw milk -- if no issue with dairy, coffee -- as a special treat, ice -- if you like it.

As an alternative, if you are on the go, used water and protein powder from part one, and throw in a shaker bottle.  Shake it as you walk out the door!

Most important ingredient is as always, LOVE!

Patricia Pimentel Selassie