How She Saved My Daughter's Life

I haven’t been in touch for a while and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.  I hold you all dear to my heart, but I had to take, shall I say, a family vacation?

Let me catch you up quickly.  June 2017 was a super busy month with four of my children finishing school, including  my oldest going to prom, celebrating 8th grade graduation, and getting ready for high school.  

Then on the first of July she started having excruciating stomach pains.  I was quite sure it was appendicitis, so we went to the hospital immediately.  She had all the regular tests and imaging.  Nothing showed up.  Her white blood count stayed high, so they kept her in there for observation -- a couple of days turned into a couple of weeks and everyone, including myself, was perplexed.  She was getting better, however, so we left the hospital, only to have to bring her back again with severe pain.  Again, the doctors saw nothing, experts were brought in, and even more tests were done.  I worked on healing with my daughter using good nutrition, meditation, prayer.  She was compliant and doing well, although we got more and more exasperated with our stay in the hospital.  

Enter Dr. Francisca Tolete Velcek.  Perhaps based on her name, or the reverent way the pediatric residents spoke about her, I expected a tall, big-boned woman.  In walked a short, 75 year old Filipina woman – yet commanding as an army general, sharp as a blade.  Maybe simply because she was Filipina and a doctor, I asked her, “Did you go to medical school with my father?”  (Incidentally, my father died of colon cancer 30 years ago this month.)  Dr. Velcek said, “Of course.”  They had gone to school together 50 years ago at the University of the Philippines!  

She proceeded to ask my daughter a few questions and said, “I have to operate and see what’s happening.”  And that was that; my daughter had surgery at 11 pm that night.  Thank goodness  -- because her appendix had exploded, and her pelvic and intestinal walls had become gangrenous.  Dr. Velcek later told me, “If I had not gone in that night, I am quite sure she would have been overcome.”  

I am eternally grateful.  It turns out that Dr. Velcek is a nationally renowned pediatric surgeon.  She told me that in the hours before my daughter’s surgery, she had been home in New Jersey and ready to settle in for the night.  She was certainly not planning to travel to Brooklyn to do surgery at night.  But decided last minute to go.  She said, “it was providence.”  I know God sent her, with maybe my dad working on my daughter’s behalf.

My daughter is now enjoying herself in her new high school in Manhattan, and so far, has earned 90% or higher in every class.  She has figured out that she no longer wants to be a naturopathic doctor and is thinking she might want to be a surgeon, instead, as she obsessively watches Grey’s Anatomy reruns.  That’s OK!  I am quite pleased with this happy ending, and I feel that through this ordeal, she may have found her true calling.

The point I am trying to make is that God is involved in our healing journeys.  A naturopathic tip for today is to be conscious of this involvement -- ask and pray for your healing.  Then believe, or better yet, know! It will happen.  Keep going and keep praying.