Think You Have a Thyroid Problem? Check these Labs

If you think you have a thyroid problem, consider asking your doctors to order all of the following labs listed below.


Most medical doctors test Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) only.  If TSH is abnormal, then they might test the levels of the inactive thyroid hormone (T4).  However, some people have trouble converting T4 to the active hormone (T3).  Only T3 has action on the body. 

It is possible to test T3, so why wouldn’t we want to?  The popular saying goes, “If you don’t test, you guess!”

It is important to note that T3 can only help you if it is swimming around your blood vessels in a free state.  Therefore the level of Free T3 is perhaps the most important value. 

You also want to know what the T3 Uptake is, T3 Uptake can show you how much of the protein Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG) is binding the thyroid hormone, keeping it from being free.  Estrogen increases TBG and Testosterone decreases TBG.  So naturally shifting your hormones can be a very effective treatment.

Another important hormone that effects the thyroid is called cortisol which gets released when you are under stress.  And these days, who isn’t experiencing some kind of stress.  High cortisol levels can negatively affect that thyroid.  Cortisol will convert T3 to Reverse T3 which essentially does the opposite of T3, it will slow you and your metabolism down.

Finally, we can also find out if the thyroid disorder is due to an autoimmune type thyroid condition.  That is when the immune system gets confused and starts attacking the thyroid as if the thyroid is a foreign invader.  Having an autoimmune condition can affect the nutritional approach by which you approach healing the thyroid naturally.

Here is the list of blood tests you should ask the medical doctor to run:

  • TSH

  • Free T3

  • Free T4

  • T3 Uptake (test TBG)

  • Reverse T3

  • Thyroid Antibodies (TPO, Thyroglobulin, TBG)

I know this was valuable information for you.  Consider working with me if you want more help on interpreting your lab work and what to do about that blood work.  In addition, I offer a complimentary 30 minute Thyroid Strategy Session ($150 value).  During this special phone session with Dr. Selassie, you will discuss your particular thyroid issue and get information on how a naturopathic doctor like Dr. Selassie would approach your specific case.  Each person's health challenge is unique and you will get Dr. Selassie's customized approach.  Take advantage today and call 888-228-2126 today to schedule. 


Blessings on your healing journey!


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