Are You Ready to undergo a transformation that will result in more energy, glowing skin and a healthier body?

Why not try a detox that is nurturing to the body?  The Seven-Day Devotional Detox allows you to gently cleanse your body and let go of toxins.


You detoxify on a daily basis. However, your liver gets overrun by toxicity, both from the air and poor food quality, even if we make the best choices.  The “filters” in your kidneys and lungs get dirty and clogged. Your pores get dirty, your skin, literally can no longer “breathe.” It’s important for us to give our body the time to get rid of excess toxins so it works more efficiently.  

Not your ordinary detox, this is a science-based program for the safest and most effective and manageable detox out there.

Removing toxins will help you:

  • Create energy naturally

  • Lose fat

  • Jumpstart weight loss

  • Add a glow to your skin

  • Restore balance to your body

  • Give the liver a chance to catch up

  • Eliminate dangerous cellular changes in the body

  • Strengthen the integrity of the cells lining the small intestines

  • Maintain digestive health

  • Clean the colon

  • Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut

  • Support regularity and fecal volume

  • Refresh, renew, and recycle your mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell

  • Make more energy efficiently

  • Stay young

  • Look beautiful

Seven Day Devotional Detox
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Many detoxes require you to fast on juice or herbal concoctions which will lead you to experience headaches, fatigue, weakness, and lightheadedness.  They can be dangerous for you blood sugar levels and result in a healing crisis which can be extremely stressful on the body. Stress can lead to disease. You want your detox to heal you, not hurt you.

Trying to do my best. As for the detox, hands up!! Woke up at 7 this morning with more energy than you could imagine. Started cooking my cabbage, getting things ready for my husband's and my breakfast. It was crazy!! I am a morning person anyways, but wow!!! Had lost 5 pounds as of yesterday. Hooray. On my way to the goal. Have to take off the 20 that I gained from quitting smoking 2 years ago this May. Now only 15 to go!!! Yes!!

--Debbie, G., Weeki Wachee, FL

Dr Selassie, Thank you for leading another successful detox!!  I enjoyed this one even more. I lost over 10 lbs and my clothes are fitting looser. I enjoyed [incorporating] protein powders.  I found that I had little to no appetite some days but I still ensured that I had protein from the powders which I now understand is important for detoxing. I usually have an acne outbreak at least once a month and this did not happen. I look forward to continuing this for as long as I can. Please let me know when you are planning the next detox as I will be a repeat customer again.  Regards,

—Maria B., Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY  

God willing I will be here to speak of it!! Almost to the weight I was 3 yrs ago when I got married. The goal is 145 and I am at 148 now. Dr, you have changed my life. Changed my thinking and blessed me more than you will ever know. This job brought you to me, and it very well may have been the main reason God gave it to me. I was at 166 when I started this year out. Unbelievable. All because of the changes in the way I choose to eat some of the time and these three detoxes. I want to continue to do them at least 3 times a year.

—Debbie G., Rochester, NY

Join Doctor Selassie’s Seven Day Devotional Detox and experience true health, healing, gratitude and energy today!

*Disclaimer:  The information on this page or on any of the written material in or associated with the Seven-Day Devotional Detox is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat.  When undergoing a health program, like the Seven-Day Devotional Detox, you should always be under the supervision of a medical doctor. You are strongly advised to ask your medical doctor if any of the supplements interact with your condition or medications in a negative way.  If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, detoxing is not indicated and might be harmful to you and your baby.