★★★★★Dr. Selassie is the most amazing Doctor I have ever had. In my opinion she is perfect. She is the epitome of a true Doctor. She listens with an open ear and pays attention to detail. She takes detailed notes during each visit and follows up on everything next time around. If you go to her with one issue, she heals not just that but all underlying factors even issues that you didn’t know existed. She’s so intelligent. She is loving, encouraging, and easy to talk to. As someone else mentioned below, she has helped me restore not only physical health but mental clarity and a sense of purpose and motivation to stay on the right path. I love her and am so happy to have been shifted her way. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Dr. Patricia Pimentel Selassie it will change your life for the better :)
— Chandtisse M., Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Selassie: the best doctor in the universe.
— Reggie, P., Brooklyn, NY
I had a heart attack and was in desperate need of care. The hospital only wanted to manage my pain and sickness. They weren’t interested in health. I searched and found a radio station that spoke about healthy supplements. This was how I met Dr. Patricia Selassie, who changed my life, who has given me a new health. I was skeptical about all doctors, but after talking to Dr. Selassie, I believed she understood what I was looking for in health care. When I first came to her, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk far, I was in pain in all of my joints, my sugar was off the charts, and my blood pressure was way too high. Within days of following her recommendations, I began breathing better, my blood pressure came down. The longer I stuck with her program, the better I felt every day. I am a great example of Dr. Selassie’s health plan.
— Charles S., Brooklyn, NY
I had been experiencing severe pain with my monthly cycle and was not willing to go on birth control pills as a treatment as my gynecologist suggested. I was referred to Dr. Selassie from my sister who knew of her abilities personally. The treatment plan that she had designed for me fully cured all of my issues and problems within a few months. Her comprehensive approach and listening skills combined with her caring attitude resulted in a program that was tailored to my needs and extremely effective. I give her the highest recommendation.
— Christina S., Boca Raton, FL
★★★★★ The most informed, intuitive, and caring Dr. there is. I am blessed to have her as a trusted advisor....one of the few who are truly tuned into Body, Mind, and Soul medicine. Highly Recommended.
— Angela V., Red Bank, NJ
Dearest Dr. Selassie, I am so proud and excited to report this! Please see attached imaging report of my ultrasound. As you can see the 9 centimeter fibroid is now .6 centimeters. Dr. Selassie, that is point six, not six centimeters. You are right, my body is amazing and so capable of healing. I know you said that I should take full credit for all the lifestyle changes I have made that resulted in the shrinking of this fibroid. But, seriously, Doc, let me give credit where credit is due! I did not have the knowledge or belief that I could make this fibroid go away until I met you. I owe you my first born! LOL! No, seriously, when I have my first born, I will always look at that baby and think of you and think how you helped me have a healthy uterus. Thank God I was lead to you, Dr. Selassie.
— Amy, R. New York, NY
I consulted with Dr. Selassie about many medical issues particularly my anemia and uterine fibroids. She is not only well informed on my condition but she was able to provide me further information and holistic alternatives and products with which to address my condition. My energy level has increased; my fatigue decreased. I count Dr. Selassie as a practitioner that I can trust. Thank you, Dr. Selassie.
— Tammy S., Brooklyn, NY
★★★★★ The Doc Knows....
— Daniel W., Red Bank, NJ
Dr. Selassie helped me a lot. She is very warm-hearted. I have closed angle glaucoma which has caused me vision problems. I will never forget when I told her “I want to see until the day I die.” In response, Dr. Selassie recommended that I should say instead “I want to see as long as I live.” So, this is how I pray now and I see that her recommendations are working.
— Fiona P.C., Kew Gardens, Queens
I have Hidrandentis (a chronic skin disease) and had multiple surgeries to treat areas infested with this disease. I contacted Dr. Selassie because I was fed up of conventional medicine. Years and years of antibiotics, creams and lotions [had] done damage. After my first appointment, it was clear that I was headed down the right path. Dr. Selassie gave me hope and insight to all my ailments, including Hidradentis. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced. The recommendation plans Dr. Selassie has prescribe to me [have] changed my life. Family, friends, and co-workers have noticed a difference in me. They comment, “You look good,” and “What have you been doing.” My response is, “I owe it all to Dr. Selassie.” Thank you for giving me the guidance and knowledge necessary to be in charge of my new healthy lifestyle.
— Tanya R., Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Selassie, I appreciate what you are doing. My stomach was so sick and I got a relief and I love you for that. You are somebody I can talk to.
— Mary R., Brooklyn, NY
Hi Dr. Selassie, I extend heartfelt gratitude for your in depth analysis of my health condition. Right away you put me at ease and explained in simple terms how I can make changes to improve my health. You covered not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual aspects of becoming well. Not many health providers take this into consideration. Since our meeting in July, as you recommended, I have been taking all the supplements. I have more energy. My CEA levels have dropped to normal. My physician is amazed. He said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” I cannot thank you enough. I am ever grateful.
— Lorraine R., Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Selassie is a blessing to me. I no longer have GERD. She gave me certain herbs and now the symptoms are gone! I recommended her to all my family and friends. My sister-in-law, who couldn’t sleep, is sleeping now. I have to thank Dr. Selassie.
— Clarkson W. New York, NY
My mother told me that when you meet someone with a heart and mind, you should tell them, and I’m telling you, Dr. Selassie, that you have a heart and mind and I respect your medical opinion.
— Joan J., New York, NY
You are the Rolls Royce of medical information. Travel safe, Dr. Selassie! Remember that you are a very valuable commodity.
— Nathaniel P., Far Rockaway, NY
Dear Dr. Selassie, Thank you for being our “angel-guide.” A top professional who [is] driven by a sincere humanitarian purpose in truly caring for those seeking your counsel, you uniquely offer a vast knowledge of naturopathic medicine in such a sincere and caring way that instills hope and confidence in us. In short, you know, you care, and you act in our best interest. Blessings [to] the doctor who does God’s work. As I’ve said to you before, “Your beloved father in heaven musts be looking down and smiling with much pride and love.” Fondly, “Mr. Joe.”
— Joseph P., Westchester, NY
Working with you helped me a lot. I feel much better! I was so frightened about the future health of my breasts, but now I feel ahead of the game. Thank you, Dr. Selassie.
— Ursula K., Forest Hills, Queens, NY
Dear Dr. Selassie, I am so glad to hear that everything is going well with you and your beautiful family! Everything is well with me and my family, also. I owe you a visit and a gift of deep gratitude for your help in fertility. My son is now a very energetic and inquisitive 19 month old. Best wishes and I hope to see you very soon.
— Rose O., Brooklyn, NY
You helped my friends in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Selassie! I gave them what you told me to. My girlfriend had multiple ulcers with H. pylori and she’s 100% better and her daughter had malaria and she’s better, too.
— Tyrone C., Brooklyn, NY
Dear Dr. Selassie, I want to thank you so much for helping me. I found the warm, caring manner in which you listened to me very comforting. You explained clearly what other doctors could not. The nutritional program you created for me has changed my life. I came in to you feeling exhausted and fatigued. I now have physical energy and mental clarity. Thank you again.
— Sandra A., Brooklyn, NY
This lady saved my life. I had an infection in my prostate. I was suffering. Dr. Selassie explained everything to me. She told me what to take. I followed her instructions. Thank God, I am better.
— Chester B., Brooklyn, NY
I wasn’t eating, sleeping, I wasn’t drinking water, I was going down the wrong path, I was giving up. But, I did everything you say and I feel 100% better. I went from zero to 100%. Dr. Selassie said speaking my truth is so important for my memory. Now I have memory back.
— Michelle E., East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
It is with a happy heart that I am showing our appreciation for all that you have done for us. Your kindness and sweetness has made it so easy to relate to you. My sincere thanks.
— Miriam K., Forest Hills, Queens, NY
My hip pain is now manageable. Thank you, Dr. Selassie.
— Susan W., Brooklyn, NY
Dear Dr. Selassie, Since I met you, listened to your advice, and did what you recommended, my health and well-being has greatly improved. I appreciate everything. Continue doing great works with your wonderful smile.
— Chevon C., Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Selassie’s office is nothing but the best place to be. Customer service is excellent. I always feel very cared for upon arrival, during and after my appointment. Love the offering of water.
— Lauren K., Nutley, NJ
★★★★★ I was blessed to get to consult with Dr. Selassie at the beginning of June, and she immediately made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease. She is a genius in that area. She listened intently, and also collected a lot of information so she could make knowledgeable decisions in terms of helping me with my health issues. I have been using the supplements and other natural medicinal aids (personally made for me, mind you) for a few weeks and already feel like a completely different person! I feel like I have life back in my days. I have more energy, mental clarity, optimism, and hope. She is helping me restore not only physical health, but a sense of purpose and motivation to keep on the right path. I am sure with her guidance, expert knowledge, compassion, and faith in me, I have big things in store! Thanks again, Dr. Selassie for all you do! You are truly a Godsend!!
— Jessica W., Dyersburg, TN
Dr. Selassie was patient and kind. She answered all my questions and offered much needed advice on medical concerns. I am very excited to be working with her!
— Diane L., Brooklyn, NY
Great overall experience. Dr. Selassie is patient and kind and has obvious concern for her clients.
— Vanya C., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Peace Love and Success. Dr Selassie. We are so inspired by your work and efforts to heal those who sincerely choose to heal themselves. The knowledge you share is priceless. My daughter received much info from you to assist her life. May the Most High continue to bless you and your family. We will stay in touch. Thank you again.
— Ameerah A., New York, N.Y.
I like the personal touch that Dr. Selassie uses. She is compassionate and cares for her patients.
— Glasena J., Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY
I don’t take what you do for us for granted. I love you and you will always be in my prayers. I know God placed you in my life for a reason. I know by God’s grace you will continue to impact this world and change lives for the better. You have made such a positive difference in our lives. Thank you, Dr. Selassie. You are greatly appreciated!
— Michelle M-H., Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY
★★★★★ Dr Selassie is a very intuitive doctor, so knowledgeable, she is a Healer, in the true sense of the word, thank you Doc!
— Susie W., China Town, New York, NY
Dr. Selassie, Sorry we haven’t communicated with you and never came back for our follow up. I’d like to schedule one now before Jon goes back to school. The truth is, Jon’s skin has completely cleared up. He has been in shorts this whole summer! It’s quite shocking actually, and to think when we came to you he was 90% covered in eczema [ . . . . ] In our quiet moments, when Jon is sitting on the floor playing, my husband and I just stare at him in disbelief, to think how tortured we all were — and I am not exaggerating, but I think you understand — Jon with his itching and us trying to find some relief for our child. Dr. Selassie, no words can express to you our gratitude.
— Barbie, B., Commack, Long Island, NY
I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to work with you on my health issues. Please maintain the magnificent workmanship that you possess.
— Wendy W., Brooklyn, NY