Seven-Day Devotional Detox

Seven-Day Devotional Detox

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Don’t run yourself into the ground.  Take care of your health today for a healthier future.  

The Seven-Day Devotional Detox is an innovative detox program that will allow you to deliver concentrated nutrients to your body, support detoxification pathways and feel energized and clean. Unlike most detoxes, you can feel great while completing the program.

The Seven-Day Devotional Detox includes all of the following tools that will set you up for a successful cleanse.

Included in the program are:

Electronic copies of:

  • Getting Started Guide, which outlines how to take the supplements and what you should be focused on while detoxifying.

  • A grocery list including the names of detoxifying food you can consume during your detox.

  • An electronic journal for each day that you detox to help with meditation, reflection and tracking.

  • A self-evaluation form to help with accountability.

Two special bonuses:

  • Bonus:  The Body Rub for the Seven-Day Devotional Detox handout. Do this simple, yet remarkable ancient technique for seven days and watch your skin take on a healthier glow. Some cultures have named this the “true fountain of youth!”

  • Bonus:  Three Simple Recipes for the Seven-Day Devotional Detox. These recipes are designed for people who may want to complete the detox, but feel that they just don’t have the time to get creative in the kitchen. Even if you can only stick to varieties of these three simple recipes for seven days, you will be able to successfully complete the detox.

These products are enough to cover you for the seven days of the detox:

  • A gut healing advanced fiber powder. This gently sweeps the insides of your small intestine, providing nutrients to heal the intestinal walls and sweep out any stubborn or stuck bodily wastes.

  • A liver cleanse full of herbs that helps to support and clean the liver, encouraging Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification pathways that package up toxicities, and moves them out of the body before they get stored.

  • Release tablets.  A gentle herbal formula to help you to eliminate wastes.  It does not cramp or irritate your colon. Your bowel movements will increase, but this will not send you running to the bathroom.

  • Free shipping of the product is included.

Bonus:  A fifteen minute free phone consultation with Doctor Selassie.

  • Meet Dr. Selassie.

  • Get your questions about the devotional detox answered.

  • Find out what it will be like to work with Dr. Selassie.

  • Learn what programs she has available to best suit your needs.

  • Have a great time connecting!

What people are saying about the Seven Day Devotional Detox:

“A detox seemed so intimidating to me.  But, the Seven-Day Devotional Detox was very doable.  There were clear instructions, I could eat food, I learned, and did something for myself.  I am in charge of running a Senior Center and I am always so concerned about the place and my seniors but I was really starting to burn out.  My mother was always telling me to do something to care for myself. I could go and get another manicure, buy myself a purse or go to the spa. But doing this detox was better than any of that.  I feel empowered, healthy and energetic. Wait till the old folks see me at the Senior Center. We’re gonna dance now!”

--Brenda B.  East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

This detox helped me clean out toxic habits and some toxic relationships.  Dr. Selassie, a year ago I was drinking a pot of coffee a day, a bottle of wine at night, and almost no water.  I had all kinds of negative people around me and there was always some drama. Now, I have one eight ounce coffee in the morning and might have a glass of wine or two, but only on Friday nights.  I always drink the amount of water required for my body. I never would have thought I would say this, but I am impressed with my own sense of discipline. I am attracting better quality people in my life.  I am around people who think positive and are much easier to be with. Honestly, those journals helped me. I took stock and said, “Is this really what I want in my life?” I am much happier now.

--Roger B., Washington, D.C.  

As a busy mom and wife with a career, a long commute, and a type A personality times ten, I really appreciate how the Seven-Day Devotional Detox helped me slow down.  The journals were fantastic.  I enjoyed ending my day or starting my mornings with the journal.  I actually had time to think, reflect, and reprioritize.  In terms of my health, my skin looks and feels better, I feel clear-headed, have tons of energy and am sleeping soundly.  Being able to rest at night has been tremendous for me.

--Carrie A., Commack, NY

Once you purchase this detox, you will be enrolled in the Seven-Day Devotional Detox Program. You will immediately have access to a downloadable link for all the documents and bonuses.   Doctor Selassie’s team will call and email you to set up an appointed time for your free consultation. Your Nutriclean Cleansing system will be packed and prepared to ship to you on the next business day. 

Doctor Selassie recommends that you set your start date for at least a week out, providing time for you to read over the materials, mentally prepare and to go grocery shopping.  Dr. Selassie recommends the first day should be done at home near your kitchen, bathroom and bed, so you can prepare foods, eliminate in the toilet (it’s gentle, don’t worry!) and take a nap, if you so desire (sleep is a crucial activity for healing).  Doctor Selassie and her team are available via phone 888-228-2126, Monday through Friday 9am-5pm should you have any questions or concerns. 

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